Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who we are?


In order to attract private investment, Tourism has been declared as an Industry in the State since 1987. Realizing the potential of Tourism in the socio-economic development of the State the State Government has set up Tripura Tourism Development Corporation Limited in November 2008 for professional management and giving further impetus to tourism sector in the State. The Corporation has been registered under the Companies Act on 3/6/2009 and since its functioning the revenue generation is continuously increasing offering a great opportunity for further expansion of this sector. Ever since Tourism was declared as an Industry in 1987, the State Government is attaching high importance to promote this sector with the help of Government of India. On the 3rd October, 2013 Directorate of Tourism, Govt. Of Tripura has been set up and in acts as an administrative department of the Tripura Tourism Development Corporation.

Question: Where is the office of Tripura Tourism located ?


The central office of Tripura Tourism is located in Agartala , the capital of Tripura.

Question: Do I need permit to travel to Tripura?


For Domestic tourists, no Inner Line Pass (ILP) is required for entry into Tripura. Foreign nationals do not require Restricted Area Permit (RAP). They have to register themselves at the office of Superintendent of Police (CID/SB) Tripura within 24 hours of arrival. However, citizens of Afghanistan, China and Pakistan require prior approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs before entering the state.

Question: Is it safe to travel in Tripura?


Tripura is considered one of the safest places to travel in India. The people of Tripura are peace loving and hospitable by nature, and the state is conveniently free from insurgency problems.However specially to our female guests we recommend not be alone on the road after late evening just to be on the safer side. In case you need any help you can call the police at 100 and Ambulance at 102.

Question: Is Tripura a good destination for travelling with children?


Tripura is an excellent destination for family travel. It is a destination with much to offer for different categories of travelers. Parents, Youngsters and children can enjoy and experience its scenic landscapes and rich tribal and bengalee culture. Besides these, wildlife adventures in the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, outdoor sports and adventure activities can be enjoyed by all.

Question: What is the best time to visit Tripura?


Though in Tripura, scope for tourism activities prevails throughout the year, the best time to visit Tripura would be from September to March.

Question: What kinds of clothes should I carry during trip to Tripura?


Carry cotton garments during summer and light woollen clothes during monsoon. During winter, warm woollen clothing is essential.

 Question: What type of accommodation can I avail in Tripura?


Tourist Lodges run by the Tripura Tourism Development Corporation Ltd are available at affordable prices.A good number of Private Hotels are also available .

Question: What are the languages spoken in Tripura?


 As in the rest of India, English is used for official purpose.Bengali is the most spoken language due to the predominance of Bengalee people in the state. Kokborok is a prominant language among the tribes.

Question: How is the life style here?


Agartala city is growing at a rapid speed. People from various walks of life, culture, tradion and language have started reciding in Agartala and hence the city in recent time has seen a drastic change in every sphere. The life style of the people has also changed dramatically.It is now a culmination of local and western fashion. The rise of different colorful boutiques, beauty parlours and spas across the city has given a unique twist to the life style of the people here.

Question: Give me general information about local transport available in Tripura ?


Various means of local transport in Tripura ranges from cycle-rickshaws to auto-rickshaws, taxis and buses. Local buses are usually over crowded and should be avoided. Auto-rickshaw and taxis are easily available and can be used if necessary. You can ask at information desks at the airport or in hotels to get an idea of the fare. At Agartala airport, there are prepaid booths, where you can pay and then you will be given a receipt to be given to the driver. In small towns, you can look for a cycle-rickshaw, a three-wheel bicycle with seats for two passengers behind the driver.


Question: What kind of food I will have at Tripura hotels and restaurants?


Tripura cuisine offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies.Tripura has a mixed culture of Tribal community and Bengalees and therefore the food habits in Tripura also has an eclectic mix of both. So if one visits Tripura and wants to taste authentic food of the place then he should have his platter full of the delicacies of both the tribals and the non-tribals. The local tribal cuisine is cooked in less oil and spices and use of local herbs. Some unique characteristics of Tribal food are:

 One of the most important ingredients of Tribal cuisine is Berma which is basically fermented dried “puthi” fish. It is also used as spices for most of the dishes.

Rice is the staple food of the people here known locally as ‘Mai’. The people use different types of rice and the traditional cuisine is called Mui Borok. Mui Borok is healthy cuisine, prepared without oil.

The traditional Chuak is the rice beer prepared by fermenting rice in water. It is drunk on social occasions and ceremonies. Apong, a local drink is also made from millet rice.

Muya Awandru is a Tripuri food item which contains bamboo shoot, rice flour and Berma.

Muya bai Wahan is another food item of bamboo shoots, jackfruit, papaya and pork.

Gudok is prepared by bamboo pipes. It has special aroma and taste. It is also made in “pan” now-a-days.

Wahan is a delicious dish made of pork.

Mosdeng serma is a mouthwatering Tripuri chatney made of berma, red chilli, garlic and tomato.

Hotels and restaurants here offer Indian cuisine, Chinese cuisine and Western style foods.

Question: What shopping I can do in Tripura?


Shopping in Agartala, the state capital is a wonderful experience as the Agartala city offers you a wide range of product from Traditional Handloom and Silk Item to Trival craft,terracotta and jewellery and handicraft made of cane, bamboo, wood, clay and palm leaves. The malls, markets and local bazaars in Agartala will take you to a splendid journey of shopping. In the markets in Agartala you will find products ranging from International to domestic brands. You can bargain everywhere except in 'Purbasa' -  A government handicraft, handloom and sericulture products centre and other government approve centres. There are shopping malls like Agartala City Centre, BigBazar, Metro Bazar, Bazar Kolkata, etc. Even if a price is written on an object, ask the price and bargain from there. Decide what you are willing to spend for an item. Make this your last offer in a bargaining session. If the shop owner is willing to sell at your price, he will sell you the item without much argument.

Question: Can I use credit card in Tripura?


You can use Visa or MasterCard only at few places in Agartala and some other important towns in Tripura. It is recommended that you carry enough Indian currency for your purchases and expenses.

Question: Will I be able to get internet access easily during tour?


Internet connections are available in Agartala and most towns except for few remote rural areas.

Question: What are the utility services available in Tripura?


The term 'utility services' refer to the services in the form of electricity, postal, telecom, banks and ATMs, courier services, packers and movers among others which are provided to the citizens by either the government or private agencies. All these important public utility services are available in Agartala as well as other township areas.

Question: What are the entertainment facilities available here?


Entertainment is a whole concept. One can be entertained by watching cinema and TV, performing dance and music, listen to radio and engaging oneself in shopping. And as such the Agartala city has all the entertainment facilities by which one can relax and find fun. Shopping malls, multiplex, hotels and restaurants and fast food chains have seen a mushrooming growth all over the city which help a great deal to entertain the people here.

Rupasi Multiplex and Agartala City Centre  :

Cinema is the major source of entertainment for the people.  Cinema Halls in Rupashi Multiplex and Agartala City Centre release all the latest local, tollywood and bollywood movies.

Question: How do I get medication in Tripura in case of necessity ?


It is advised that you bring your own medicines. Most of the medications in Tripura are available but you may not find it under the same brand name as in your own state/country. If necessarily of consulting a doctor be assure that we will assist you in this matter. Heath services in Agartala offer the best services not only to the people of Agartala but also to nearby towns and even villages. Number of specialised Government as well as private hospitals/nursing homes with high standard and qualified doctors are available in Agartala which are equipped with state of the art technology to provide better medical facilities to the people.


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