Tripura Bamboo Resources

Endowed with rich and diverse resources of bamboo with traditional usage – Tripura is home to 21 species of bamboo out of 130 species available in India.

Cane & Bamboo Handicrafts of Tripura – among the best in the country.

Cane & Bamboo Handicrafts of Tripura – among the best in the country.

Tripura Bamboo Mission has been launched in 2007, under PPP framework, for integrated development of Bamboo Sector.

Tripura Cane and Bamboo handicrafts are considered to be among the best in the country for their exquisite designs, wide range of products and artistic appeal. This industry has a great export potential as well. A modern bamboo tiles factory has been set-up. Not only that, industrial products like, laminated products, ply boards, corrugated sheets, etc., can be produced and used as building materials for furniture manufacture etc. Studies have shown that Bamboo is a very effective substitute for timber and is, in fact, better in many respects.

The State Government has launched the Tripura Bamboo Mission (TBM) in the year 2007, under PPP framework, for integrated development of the Sector. The catalytic role played by TBM has resulted in the turnover of Bamboo Sector in the State increasing from Rs. 27.90 crores in 2006-07 to  Rs.115.56 cr. during 2012-13. Value addition is taking place in Agarbatti sector, new handicraft products have been designed and launched, marketing of products has been organised.The artisans have been organised into 900 SHGs, over 50 Societies/Cooperatives and one Producer Company (SPV). Total membership is around about 12,000 persons. Direct market linkages with leading retailers (Fabindia, Mother Earth) and industry partners like ITC, Cycle brand, APIL and other Mat Board manufacturers have been established.

A Bamboo Park is being set up, at a total cost of Rs.24.94 crores at outskirts of capital city Agartala, to facilitate setting up of bamboo-based industries.


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