Kamala Sagar Kali Temple Kashba, Tripura

Kamalasagar Kali Temple is a popular shrine of Agartala. Tourists who are willing to come to this temple are well connected with different modes of transport which connects the temple with the rest of the state. The nearest railway station and airport is Kumarghat and Agartala. Besides this the place is equally connected with buses and taxis. Along with this the place also has number of lodges and hotels which can provide accommodation to the tourists.

Kamalasagar Kali Temple which is also known as Kasba Kali Bari, is a popular shrine of the Bengali population residing in Tripura. Located at a distance of 27 kms from Agartala, the temple is situated at the borders of India and Bangladesh. It is often visited by a number of tourists who not only visit the place to pay homage to Goddess Kali but also to enjoy the awesome scenic beauty of Kamala Sagar. As such it has as been developed as a major tourist spot in the state. Dedicated to Goddess Kali the temple has the image of Mahishasurmardini which resemblance with DasabhujaDurga. In spite of its resemblance with Goddess Durga the deity is worshipped as Kali following the Shakt tradition. Due to the presence of a Shivalinga at the feet of the deity, the Kamalasagar Kali Temple is known as 'Kalibari'. Kamalasagar. This was commissioned by Maharaja Manikya Bahadur in 15th century which was finally completed in 17th century by the local rulers.

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